Basic First Aid

Open the PDF below to read the information before you answer the questions:

Please complete the following questions:

Q1) What are the primary aims of First Aid?
Q2) What does the acronym DRS ABCD mean?
Q3) What are some dangers that you may come across that you need to consider before going into your emergency?
Q4) How would you attempt to get a response from your client if they are lying on the floor?
Q5) Your casualty is choking and time is crucial What can you encourage the casualty to do for themselves?
Q6) Your client tells you that a large object hit them on the head the day before but they say they feel fine What things would you advise your client to look out for so that they seek medical advice if they deteriorate?
Q7) When a person is suspected of having had a Stroke the advice is when a stroke strikes, act F A S T – how can you test the S of F A S T?
Q8) Your client has fainted, what position would you advise them to be in and why?
Q9) What are the aims of treatment for external bleeding?
Q10) Types of wounds
Q11) Blood flow from an artery is:
Q12)You find your client having just cut their forearm with a kitchen knife What actions would you take?
Q13) Your client has suffered a nosebleed, which has now stopped What advice can you give them for when you leave?
Q14) Your client has been trying to make a cup of tea and as you enter you realise they have just scalded their arm What would you do?

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