Manual Handling

Open the PDF below to read the information before you answer the questions:

Please complete the following questions:

Q1) How many people are off sick each year due to back pain?
Q2) List 2 of your Responsibilities under the Health and Safety Law:
Q3) What is the risk of overreaching or over stretching during Manual Handling?
Q4) Which part of the spine do most injuries occur?
Q5) What procedure should you follow if you hurt your back while at a client?
Q6) You go to a client to assist the live-in carer with hoisting, who should take the lead?
Q7) You are a short carer and you are doubling up with a tall carer, when using the profile bed, what would you need to consider regarding the height of the bed?
Q8) A colleague is asking you to help move a client up the bed without using any equipment, what action would you take?
Q9) When would you put the sides of the profile bed up?
Q10) When would you be allowed to move a client in bed, on your own?
Q11) What would you do if whilst hoisting a client the hoist stops working?
Q12) What procedure would you take if a client falls on the floor?

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