We work closely with other local services and Bartholomew Way Clinic

The Bartholomew Way Clinic is a multi-discipline practice.

The Services that the Bartholomew Way Clinic Team can provide are:

  1. Chiropody
  2. Podiatry
  3. Orthotics
  4. Footwear Modifications
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Sports message therapy
  7. Footwear Solutions

We work together closely to provide the best treatment plan for our clients. This has been beneficial to our some of our clients when they have been in need in some expert Physiotherapy assistance.

Using the Swiss made Orthofit 3D footscanner and onsite CAD/CAM Milling machine the team can scan your feet and make bespoke footbeds and medical orthotics for your new or existing shoes.

Call us on 01403 276272 or use visit our website here to see how we can help you.




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