An Ascot Care Summer clean will make your home sparkle


Ascot Care offers one-off seasonal big cleans, taking care of the dirty work and giving you more free time to enjoy the warmer weather and spend time with family and friends. A spring or summer cleaning from Ascot Care takes care of the inside of your home, while a thorough do-it-yourself clean of items outside your home by you can also help tackle your external ‘to do list.’

So, as summer approaches, now is the perfect time for you to tackle all those external outdoor cleaning chores you have been putting off. A thorough summer clean will help extend the lifespan of outside items such as barbecue, lawn mower and patio furniture, as well as making sure the outside of your home is spotless. Here are a few of these common summer chores for your ‘to-do list.’:

Washing patio furniture
Scrubbing windows and frames
Polishing doors and tracks
Washing the rubbish and compost bins
Removing caked grass from the lawn mower
Cleaning the garage and drive
Insect control
Power washing the patio or balcony and fences
Cleaning the barbecue


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