It has been exciting being a part of the growth and development of this new Care Company over the last six years. Ascot Care is a well established reputable firm with very competent staff who give a very good standard and quality of Care to their Service Users. Focusing on a person centred approach means they meet the individual where they are at and offer constant support through difficulties of illness or older age. Staff are trained continually to enable them to reach their potential and to have a thorough grounding on what it means to Care!

-D.P, 2016

I joined Ascot Care in March 2012 with no previous care experience. I started as a full time domiciliary care worker, I gradually started to assist in the office with the completion of the rota amongst other tasks, which gradually developed into having more responsibilities in the office and being promoted to Care Coordinator in January 2014. I then went on to complete my Diploma in Health and Social Care and registered as a Registered Care Manager in March 2016.
– E.S, 2016

I have been doing care work with Ascot Care for over 6 years now. Having come from a business background I have found this type of work very rewarding and varied. I have done ongoing training within Ascot Care, which has developed my skills to deliver a standard of care good care. I have enjoyed the contact with so many different clients and had have developed a good working relationship with the Ascot team.
– E.M, 2016

Ascot Care has grown and developed steadily through the 5 years I have worked with them. They are a Professional Company of Carers with a mature approach to supporting it’s clients. The Management team are excellent in their conduct, efficiency and business integrity. It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with this group of people. I would entrust my own parents to this organisation.
– D.P, 2015

Ascot Care has been warm and informative and very helpful in broadening one’s mindset on caring for others.
– J.C, 2015

It is good to have enough time to attend to our needs and be listened to by care coordinators and managers.
– L.H, 2015

Working with Ascot has changed my perspective on life both professionally and personally. Our need for carers now and in the future has humbled me. Other than it being rewarding I can see the bigger picture. It is an honour to work with our clients and the Ascot Care team.
– L.S, 2014

I have worked for Ascot Care for over 3 years and have found it a rewarding and adventurous journey. Giving of myself into peoples lives is a valuable and precious opportunity. Taking care, compassion and a positive attitude into homes in the Horsham community has been a thoroughly enjoyable activity.
– D.P, 2014

I started working for Ascot Care very recently with no experience in this job. I must really praise the personal and friendly approach of the seniors as well as my colleagues carers. The training and the support given to me during my first weeks with a client which helped me very much to gain the skills and confidence needed for this interesting, fulfilling, but not at all always easy work.
– I.K, 2014

We may not work in an office together and may well work on our own for the majority of the time, but there is still a strong sense of being part of a team working for Ascot Care.
– Louise, 2014